About Us

About Us

Connecting Sustainability with the Flavors and Fragrance Industry

Our Mission is to re-purpose and recycle fragrance and flavour materials, thereby reducing the chemical waste at the same time reducing the raw material costs incurred by micro and cottage enterprises engaged in manufacturing of home care products

Fragrance & Flavouring Industry are left over with surplus materials. Many a times, they do not consume all the materials from a drum and then are faced with a dilemma as to what to do with it.

On the other hand, there are several micro, cottage enterprises who are engaged in manufacturing of incense sticks, soaps, handwash, sanitizer who are in need of such expensive materials in the course of their product manufacturing process but cannot afford to buy good quality materials.

At fnfsurplus we understand the dilemma faced by those who have surplus materials as well as those who are material deficit. Hence, we created a platform to repurpose and recycle fragrance and flavour materials to bridge the gap and make quality fragrance materials available to the women self-help groups and cottage industries who are engaged in manufacturing of handmade soaps, liquid soaps, incense sticks.