Pollution Control Board Authorized Recycler

As per Renewal of Consent by MPCB dated 02.11.2023, FnF Surplus is now the only State Pollution Control Board Authorized Recycler for Near Expiry & Expired Aroma Chemicals, Essential Oils And Fragrances. This allows us the Reprocessing of such fragrance and flavor materials to prepare mixture of odoriferous substances (blending, mixing and fractional distillation) for Agarbattis, Air care products and Home & Hygiene products. It provides Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), which is an environmental protection strategy that aims to reduce the total environmental impact of a product and its packaging. It involves take-back, recycling and final disposal at the end of product life-cycle.

This whole cycle represents the circular economy where it supports the efficient utilization of expired products to reduce its negative impact on the environment. As Mission LiFE 2022-23 by Government of India focuses on Change in Demand, we nudge institutions to practice simple environment-friendly actions of reprocessing expired & surplus material to leave a specific and measurable impact, in terms of sustainability.

Adopting this practice leads to negligible to no wastage, no landfill and incineration of expired materials, no trade or sewage effluent, reduces water consumption, chemical sludge and organic waste from the factory. This helps to lessen carbon footprints, water footprints and environmental damage.

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) implements various environmental legislations in the state of Maharashtra, mainly including Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 and some of the provisions under Environmental (Protection) Act, 1986 and the rules framed there under like, Biomedical Waste (M&H) Rules, 1998, Hazardous Waste (M&H) Rules, 2000, Municipal Solid Waste Rules, 2000 etc. MPCB is functioning under the administrative control of Environment Department of Government of Maharashtra.

Some of the important functions of MPCB are:

  • To plan comprehensive program for the prevention, control or abatement of pollution and secure executions thereof
  • To collect and disseminate information relating to pollution and the prevention, control or abatement thereof
  • To inspect sewage or trade effluent treatment and disposal facilities, and air pollution control systems and to review plans, specification or any other data relating to the treatment plants, disposal systems and air pollution control systems in connection with the consent granted
  • To support and encourage the developments in the fields of pollution control, waste recycle reuse, eco-friendly practices etc.
  • To educate and guide the entrepreneurs in improving environment by suggesting appropriate pollution control technologies and techniques
  • To create public awareness about the clean and healthy environment and attending the public complaints regarding pollution.