About Us

FnFSurplus a start-up promoted by the team of professionals having several decades of experience in the F&F industry. It work as a global buyout for surplus goods dedicated to the F&F Industry. FnFsurplus aims to reduce wastage across the industry, thereby, not only ‘Realising value from the Excess’ but also ensuring ‘Sustainability’.

FnFSurplus is a buy-out for the surplus of raw materials, finished goods, packaging materials, capital goods and other items of use pertaining to Fragrances and Flavours industry. We purchase excess materials that can no longer be utilised, overstock, anything slightly off-spec or close to expiration (6 months or more).

• Manufacturers of Fragrances and Flavors.
• Manufacturers of Aroma Chemicals and Essential Oils.
• Distributors and Traders dealing in Fragrances, Flavors , Aroma Chemicals       and Essential oils.
• Processors and Other Corporate Buyers and Sellers of above items.
All above participants from different countries may transact excess inventories simply, efficiently and anonymously.

Disposal of surplus stocks in a timely manner is challenging for F&F companies for major reasons listed below:
• The absence of organized channels and low priority assigned to disposal
• Wide palette of raw-materials and finished goods in use
• Frequent changes to product-mix and regulations governing use of raw-materials and finished goods.

Due to these challenges faced stocks on hand expire which further raises the issue of safe disposal. It is estimated that write-offs in well managed F&F companies averages to about 0.3 – 0.5% of sales every year and fnfsurplus.com will be useful to control this and minimize scrap or wastage across the industry.

Our team assists contributors in every stage of selling materials. Our global reach across F&F industry brings many actual users of these materials on to the FnFsurplus network thereby providing wider opportunities to liquidate excess inventory and save on purchases.